Stability, accelerated testing, conditioning, & climate testing. 100% AtmoSAFE.

Each climate chamber creates a climate of temperature and humidity. For Memmert climate chambers, however, that is not enough. Each individual climate chamber is perfectly designed for the high requirements of stability and climate tests, conditioning or aging. In each individual appliance, there is a homogenous and stable temperature and humidity distribution over the entire chamber. Operation, programming and documentation options feature top-notch convenience. Each individual Memmert climate chamber is tested according to the strict requirements of DIN 12880: 2007-05 and is equipped with a maximum of safety functions. Each individual Memmert climate chamber is 100% AtmoSAFE.

Since 2000, the Peltier pioneer Memmert has continuously kept on improving its high-precision Peltier heating and cooling concept. This extremely sensitive temperature control ensures that processes are reliable and stable on the long term and can be reproduced under exactly defined conditions. In the XXL sizes HPP1060, HPP1400 and HPP2200, the temperature and humidity in the entire interior stay stable and are uniformly distributed even at full load thanks to the HeatBALANCE functions.